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Push notifications for your online store

M arketing in the past decade underwent through a dramatic shift. The transition from traditional to digital media in the epoch of Marketing 4.0 transformed the course of how we do business. It made the process more personal and much more direct. Push notifications are a vivid example of a revolution which is a result of this change. Push notifications are simply brief, promotional, attention-grabbing messages, showing up directly in your web browser or on the screen of your mobile phone. Recipients are all the users, who entered your website and subscribed to get notifications from you, with only 2 clicks of the mouse. All of this makes the process perfectly easy and trustworthy for the end user. A giant leap from other marketing initiatives such as email communication, for instance, which requires you to fil in your personal data and log into your mailbox to confirm your email address. What’s more this doesn’t give your any guarantee that your message would be read, if of course it manages to pass through all the different spam filters. In the case of push technology, your messages are being communicated through a totally different approach. They skip the need for an intermediary platform like an email provider or a social network like Facebook and Instagram, and instead they are presented instantly when the browser is opened—even if the network isn't available at that time. The features of push notification to deliver time and content-relevant information contributes for the considerable impact this method has on user-engagement. Push notifications are a new and vastly underutilized strategy that has the potential for real benefits and should be included in the communications mix of every growing company.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •  Developing an altogether strategy for push communication. We think of the best approaches to excite your target audience.

  • Integration of a push form on your website.

  •  Creating and developing of a database. We offer all required steps to increase your sales and return on investment.

  •  Segmentation and targeting of audiences with common characteristics (e.g. location, language, browser, device, visited page, etc). Strategic planning for the best frequency for sending your push notifications.

  •  Copywriting and creative design of push content. High quality content guarantees high conversion rate and low rate of unsubscriptions.

  •  Execution of push marketing campaigns.

Significance of push notifications:

  •   Talk to your users right on the browser. Real-time. With Push Notifications, you don’t have to wait for your users to open their inbox to read a notification. It will be displayed right on their browser.
  •   Reach your users anywhere on the web. Engage your subscribers even when they are not present on your website. Push alerts and notifications to different browsers and devices. Supported are Chrome, Firefox and Opera on desktop and mobile.
  •   No requirements to fill in any personal data. Subscription is activated with only 2 clicks.
  •   A wide variety of formats – notifications with links, photo, emoji, call to action buttons, options choice, vibration.
  •   High conversion rates. 10x more effective than email communication.
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