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YouTube marketing for your brand

H ardly anyone would have foreseen how revolutionary the role of the video would be, when in the far away 1980s the English new-wave band The Buggles performed their signature hit “Video killed the radio star” for a first time. A visual intertwine of picture, voice and movement, video established itself as an exceptional promotional instrument. In just a few seconds a video can attract the attention of the audience and make potential clients feel and experience the products of your company more effectively than any print, outdoor or a banner advert. Utilizing video portals such as YouTube and Vimeo turned to not only be an alternative, but entirely replaced the need for TV campaign to reach a vast audience at even more accessible for the advertiser, price. Furthermore, video advertising encompasses different types of devices – desktop, tablets, mobile, while its interactivity allows for an unprecedented experience in a unique and memorable for the spectator’s way. This establishes video marketing as one of the most preferable means of digital marketing.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •   Branding of a YouTube channel and publishing of video content. We offer managing of the content for companies, as well as music artists.

  •   Monetization of video content. Managing of copyrights on YouTube.

  •   Promotion of your video content through YouTube advertising. In-stream adverts (with the start of a video – skippable and non-skippable formats), In-search adverts (positioning of your video to a user’s search for specific keywords or genres), In-display adverts (recommended video on the right column of YouTube’s interface).

  •   Reaching target audiences, segmented on the basis of specific characteristics:
  •   Demographics – age, gender, marital status.
  •   Interests.
  •   Content topics.
  •   Keywords.
  •   Placements – concrete videos or competitor’s channels.
  •   Remarketing – list of people, who have already visited your website or a YouTube channel.

  •   Advertising of video content on Facebook and Instagram.

  •   Analysis of the results of our marketing efforts and constant optimization for achieving even better results. You receive a detailed report, including all important aspects of your campaign – number of reached and engaged users, demographics, video and channels views, additional actions – comments, subscriptions, likes, shares, cost per view/click, % of users visited your website, analysis of their behavior, conversion rates.
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