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Е ither you win, or you gamble away. In business you get no second chance! The battle for the consumer’s attention and loyalty is to the bitter end. You lose and stagnate when you stand still. You win, when you evolve. Branding is exactly a process of evolution, which determines your long-term success.

Positioning your brand distinguishes you from your competition. It is the way your brand’s perceptions resonate within your key audiences. A brand is what your potential clients get from your product and services as an added value. Through it, you communicate credibility and reputation. It is the argument that stands as a corner-stone of every accomplished sale. Building your brand identity is a critical factor for the accomplishment of business goals in the market circumstances of the 21st century.

What tasks do we carry out:

  • Development of an altogether digital strategy with concrete steps and time schedule for positioning your brand. We focus on the creation of all vital assets, communication messages and specific mix of paid marketing initiatives, through which we can position your brand in the minds of your customers. The strategy answers the following questions:
  • Which are your target audiences, their necessities and motivation?
  • Key messages. What and how do you communicate with each of your target group?
  • What marketing channels will be effective in order to reach your potential clients?
  • Why clients should trust your brand?
  • What problem does your product solve for each client?
  • How to psychologically influence your potential clients, so that they will say YES?

  • Building of a corporate identity. Cognitive and emotional branding. Brand elements.

  • Communication means for reaching your target audiences:
  • Building of an online reputation
  • Media planning and buying
  • Facebook marketing. Design and creative of engaging publications and advertising formats. Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Google Adwords text and display advertising.
  • Mobile marketing. Express the visual story of your brand and establish an emotional connection with Instagram marketing.
  • E-mail marketing. Developing a strategy for e-mail communication with your clients.
  • Remarketing.
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