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Email marketing for your brand

T he path to the customer’s heart is through their inbox! Maybe not the only one, but still e-mail marketing is a powerful approach that can provide you with one of the best return of your investments (ROI). The valid reason for this lies in the cornerstone of this type of communication – “Permission marketing” - a term famously coined and popularized by Seth Godin. E-mail marketing most importantly stands for a strategy, which aims to win the approval of your clients in order to receive your marketing messages. This signifies that they are already aware of the specifics of your business and products. Furthermore you have earned their attention and trust to such an extent, that they will permit you to establish a personal relationship with them. For such a reason, it’s vital to justify what you have been allowed to do. A key task of e-mail marketing is namely how to win, but also how to effectively manage the personal contact with your clients. E-mail marketing is the most personal and direct way to reach your client. So do not dare to waste this golden opportunity.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •   Developing an altogether strategy for e-mail communication. We think of the best approaches to excite your target audience.

  •   Integration of an e-mail form on your website. Gathering of e-mails through games, sweepstakes and get-a-free resource pages.

  •   Creating and developing of e-mail databases. Facebook Lead Generation. Google & Facebook retargeting of users through email lists. We offer all required additional steps in the field of digital marketing to increase your sales and return on investment.

  •   Segmentation and targeting of audiences with common characteristics (e.g. location, gender, age, etc). Strategic planning for the best frequency for sending your e-mail messages.

  •   Copywriting and creative design of e-mail content. Execution of email campaigns. High quality content guarantees that your message will touch the hearts of your clients. We also offer automation of actions like new sign-up, new purchase, left cart without a purchase, subscription to an e-mail list, etc.

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