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Facebook advertising for your business

I t's not enough to just exist. People want more from you. Prospective clients long for authentic experiences. Tell them who you are, what is the story behind your products, what value added outside of the sale clichés you can provide. Be the answer, they are looking for. Rethink your strategy, to direct your offers in an intriguing way. Turn into a brand with personality, appealing in an emotional way to the heart and soul of your audience. Our aim is to help you do that. We use content marketing to create genuine Facebook experiences, which promote brand loyalty and advocacy through emotions. We do not just create and share the ordinary type of stories, instead we communicate meaningful messages that position your brand in the minds of your customers. Interactions which result in the activation of desire for your product in the specific moments of need.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •   Developing an altogether Facebook marketing strategy with concrete steps for achieving your sales goals.

  •   Branding and management of your Facebook page.

  •   Design and creative of engaging publications and advertising formats. Graphical, multimedia and video presentation of your business that provokes reactions.

  •   Execution of Facebook advertising campaigns. Reaching target audiences, segmented on the basis of specific characteristics.
  •  Demographic characteristics - age, gender, language, marital status, life events, education, work place, job title.
  •  Geographic characteristics - people living or traveling to a specific country or a city.
  •  Interests - hobbies, entertainment, business, sport, shopping, technologies.
  •  Behavior characteristics - e.g digital activities.
  •  Relationships and acquaintances - fans, friends of your fans, people who have used your app or participated in an event.

  •   Facebook advertising, optimized for conversions.

  •   Messenger marketing.

  •   Mobile advertising through the platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

  •   Remarketing. Product catalog and installation of dynamic remarketing . Abandoned carts remarketing.

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