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Google advertising for your business

A ny company can pay for clicks, hoping to achieve profitable outcomes. Resourceful businesses however know that there is no fast track to success and that every marketing initiative they undertake is a stepping stone in a long-term and integrated strategy, instead of being just a fragmented effort which influences results in a little or no way. Marketing on the search engines stands namely for such a strategy, aiming to reach potential customers with appealing messages corresponding to their needs, in the exact moments those desires assume shape and form as search queries. We are here to support your business in the execution of an effective Google advertising strategy, which will position your business and provide you with a maximum return of your investments.

Text advertising, ads that show up related to the search context, are the cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy as they contribute to the cultivation of awareness about the products you sell. Accenting on what differentiates your in the slogan, forms a positive first impression and arguments in favour of your brand. Text ads, direct customers already in the purchase funnel, to your web site, where the advantages, value and attractiveness of your offering, psychologically affect the purchase process by dispersing any uncertainties your customers would have.

The toolbox of the advertising platform of Google does not end with text ads. Display ads are the second component of AdWords, which reaches people in a different way. Instead of advertising being activated with the search of a specific keyword or a phrase, it shows the ad as a banner on thematically picked placements, which the user browses, such as favorite websites, videos on YouTube, in the user's Gmail inbox, or on mobile sites or mobile apps. Available are options for demographic targeting – such as age, gender, marital status, as well as targeting users with specific momentary behaviors or long-term interests. The Display network is a cost-effective tool to present your brand and engage with potential clients in an interactive way and also a strong aid in moving your buyer through the purchase process.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •   Development and execution of effective display and text Adwords campaigns.

  •   Research and a selection of keywords, phrases and placements, through which we position your brand. Additional targets – interests, behavior, demographics, devices, times.

  •   Design and creative of engaging display and text advertising formats.

  •   Gmail and YouTube display advertising.

  •   Retargeting (with an option for a dynamic retargeting) of your website visitors through the Google Display Network. Retargeting through lists of e-mails.

  •   Mobile advertising.
  •  Advertising campaigns for mobile searches of select keywords. Creation of effective adverts with included phone number and location, which can be activated by the user with a simple click.
  •  Display banner advertisements on the mobile versions of popular websites.
  •  Advertising banners in the users’ installed mobile apps.

  •   Analysis of the results of our marketing efforts and constant optimization for achieving even better results through a higher Quality score.
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