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Remarketing campaigns for your business

Y ou might have lost a battle, but not the war! Remarketing is the exact tactic you need in order to convert your prospects, who for some reason postponed making a buying decision at a past moment, by reminding them again about your brand, products and services.

Remarketing is done through the installation of a tracking code on your website, which will document who visits your site via a placed cookies on the visitor’s device. This means that communication doesn’t end with the potential customer abandoning your site, but continues with adverts following the user while browsing elsewhere on the Internet. An approach that will help them recall about your company and eventually bring the user back to your website where they can finally convert to a real sale. Remarketing is highly effective as it can retarget not only all of your visitors, but also these specific segments of visitors who actually care about your products and have engaged in some way with them (e.g. users who have browsed your page for more than 10 minutes, those who have visited your stores page, or users who have added a product to the cart, but didn’t finished their order). Furthermore, the technology holds such a superiority that it can dynamically serve an ad with the exact product/s the users have viewed before. With just the right message and attractive price, through which you will conclusively make the prospect become your customer.

What tasks do we carry out:

  •   Development and execution of remarketing campaigns.

  •   Installation of retargeting code on your website.

  •   Design and creative of engaging remarketing formats.

  •   Reaching audiences on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube through retargeting. Retargeting of your Facebook fans or segments (e.g people who are active on your page (liking, comments) and/or have sent you a message before). Retargeting of audiences through email and mobile phone lists.

  •   Option for the creation of a product catalog and installation of dynamic remarketing .

  •   Abandoned cart remarketing.

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